My Puffin Add-On Shapes

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Blue Whale - Dark Blue
Peacock - Teal
Starfish - Purple
Octopus - Dark Grey
Ladybug Red

Our carefully designed Play Couch Accessories are the architecture building blocks for anything your child wants to build. They were designed to spark your child’s imagination as an add-on to your My Puffin play couch or to be used on their own. Our youngest customers have used them to create castles, fire trucks, rocket ships, and obstacle courses. The My Puffin Domes, Bridges, and Beams allow infinite interactive and active play possibilities. The accessories are made of dense 50 ILD foam. 


2 Domes ½ circles. L30xH15xW10”
2 Bridges trapezoids. L30xH10xW12” 
2 Beams rectangular prisms. L30xH5xW8.5”



Visual - Big bright simple shapes in rich colors.
Touch - The fabric material is soft in both directions, rich quality texture. There is a hatch pattern in the fabric.
Sound - There is a soft whooshing sound when you step or walk on the cushions.
Smell - The My Puffin Tuff has a faint smell when you first open it but it quickly dissipates. The foam is polyurethane so there is a slight smell but also dissipates over time. Our foam has no VOCs.

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