Why would I buy a My Puffin?

If your children play perfectly for hours on end, always use their manners, and never fight with their siblings, please do not buy a My Puffin, and please email us to tell us your secret.

If however any of the following apply then the My Puffin might be for you:

  • You would like “I’m bored” to not be your children’s most common expression
  • You would like your children to have a little less screen time
  • You would like an extra 30 mins of sleep on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • You would love to find more ways to connect with your children

    We pay attention to detail

    Fabric: If you are in the market for a play couch you probably know there are a few choices out there. Play couches are not all made the same! Our fabric is made from a soft chenille that is machine washable. We chose this fabric because it looks great and will continue to look great. Have you heard of Wyzenbeek? Yes, that is an actual word. It is a measurement of how many impressions a fabric can take before it shows wear. Our fabric is 125,000 on the Wyzenbeek scale and that is very high! 

    Zippers: Our zippers are strong too. And they are covered with fabric to prevent the “Mom – I got another boo boo!” 

    Sewing: Our finishing team are incredible craftspeople and extremely experienced sewers with tremendous attention to detail. We want your My Puffin to last for years and for many children to enjoy it. 


    Puffin Trivia

    Did you know a group of puffins in the wild is called a circus? We find this hilarious. It's an indication of how much fun we are having bringing you a quality product that answers the very important question: what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-kids-this-winter! We hear you and we are here to help. We are moms too after all and we are in this together.