How is My Puffin Different?

We have designed and manufactured My Puffin with safety as our number one priority. Fun, without safety, is not fun.

  • All our components are made in Canada so that we can absolutely maintain the highest environmental and safety standards. If we were to manufacture overseas, we could not guarantee what your children (and their friends) will be bouncing on over the years to come.
  • We don’t like Bacteria – we have intentionally not included a waterproof cover. The foam needs to “breath”. If we used a cover and water somehow made its way to the foam, mold and bacteria would become an additional (and unwanted) house guest.

What fabric are your covers made from?

Our zippered covers are made from a soft chenille polyester with a timeless cross-hatch design. It's gorgeous and we chose this fabric with our kid and adult customers in mind. It has a 125,000 Wyzenbeek rating. What's a Wyzenbeek? No, that's not a typo – a Wyzenbeek test is how quality fabrics are rated for durability. All My Puffin couches are rated at 125,000 impressions on the Wyzenbeek test (that's good!) because we're serious about wear and tear. That means your kids can jump on a My Puffin 125,000 times and it will still look brand new. That’s a lot of jumping and a lot fun!

So Buying A My Puffin 100% supports a Canadian Business?

It sure does eh. We believe in paying living wages and hiring local workers is part of our responsibility to our fellow Canadians and as world citizens. Each My Puffin is hand made with love and care.

Is your foam safe?

Yes! Our foam is manufactured in Canada so we can 100% control the specifications. Our Anchor, Lander, and Stander have:

  • No ozone depletion
  • No toxic harmful flame retardants
  • No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and heavy metals

How firm is the foam?

We think we have found the perfect balance between firmness and weight. Our Anchor and Standers are 14 lb/3ft with 41 ILD, and our Lander is 18 lb/3ft with 36 ILD. Let me explain what that means and why it's important. The first numbers (14 and 18) are an indication of density. Generally the higher the number the better quality foam, however there is a trade off (and this is where it gets important!). The higher the number the heavier the foam and this can cause a problem in a play couch. The second set of numbers (41 and 36) or the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) is its softness. The higher the number, the softer the foam but softer foam means less air in the foam so it is heavier. We took an enormous amount of time to select the best foam for My Puffin. Who wants a fort with a sagging roof? Or pieces that are too heavy to carry? Our foam is comfortable to sit on yet not too heavy to move around and with enough structure for the littlest of engineers. It's really a balance and we have found that balance. Thank you if you are still reading this. I know it isn't the most exciting of explanations. 

Tell me more about what comes to my door?

Each My Puffin is shipped in a plain brown box from our Canadian manufacturing location. Our foam is lightly compressed to safely fit into a box. Each box comes with an Anchor (firm base), Lander (soft top), and 2 Standers (triangle cushions). When My Puffin arrives at your door, it needs to be unpacked and expanded. It is ready to play with but may take a few hours to fully expand. We recommend jumping, building and having serious fun as ways to help the expansion process.    

Why Don’t You have Free Shipping?

We are currently working on our matter transporter to offer free shipping. Until that time however and because we live in this BIG (did we mention BIG) beautiful country we have to charge flat rate shipping to get from us to you no matter where you live in Canada. For those living outside of Canada we will be starting international orders soon.

OK, I Hear You on the Shipping – How Long Will It Take to get a My Puffin?

You can expect your My Puffin to be delivered by an amazing delivery person within 21 days from placing your order. If there are any delays we will promptly let you know.

Can I pickup My Puffin? 

Yes, you can select local pickup at our Mississauga manufacturing facility at the checkout. There is no charge of pickups. Pickups are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

What is the 720 Trial?

We are so confident in My Puffin that we measure our free trial in hours (30 days is 720 hours). If your children do not love My Puffin within hours, you don’t lose that extra 5lbs, or your partner does not shower you with extra affection, you are welcome to return your My Puffin for a full refund. Fine Print – The 720 Trial and Free Returns do not apply to color exchanges, cover sets that have been opened, or orders of three My Puffins or more.

Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on the covers, zippers and foam. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a problem with your My Puffin. To start a warranty claim, send an email to hello@mypuffin.ca. We will send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. 

I’m One of Those Weird People That Doesn’t Like to Do Laundry but, Can I Wash the Covers?

We know accidents happen (for kids and parents) so we made My Puffin out of durable material that can be washed. Our covers easily zip off for washing. Machine wash and tumble dry. For smaller boo-boos a simply dab of upholstery cleaner should do the trick.

How is My Puffin with Pet Hair?

My Puffin founders both have dogs so it was important to select the right fabric for this play couch. My Puffin is made with high quality chenille fabric. One of the many advantages of this fabric is that it will not become magnetic to dirt or pet hair like other fabrics such as microfiber. Let's be honest, there is enough cleaning to do without pet hair jumping onto your play couch.

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Ride the My Puffin?

Unlike those annoying rides at the fair, we have no restrictions. Ages 1 to 99 can enjoy My Puffin, but we believe ages 18 months to 12 years old will get the most out of it. However, teenagers have been spotted using My Puffin as extra seating when friends arrive (Note: My Puffin is not responsible for monitoring teenage activity)

I Fancy Myself as a Bit of A Designer - Can I Customize My Puffin?

Yes you can! Please contact hello@mypuffin.ca with the subject line “customization” and we will give you details. We can match any pantone or print an image on your couch using a specialized fabric and our toxic-free printing process.