In nature, Puffins form long-term bonds and relationships – the same can be said for Deborah and Sperry.

We are both lifelong entrepreneurs who met through a Toronto based mom’s group (shout out to MumNet Toronto!) and quickly became close friends. Through this time, we worked to juggle the same challenges that all families face of balancing work and family time.

The success of play couches caught our attention, and it was our desire to create a Canadian based product for Canadian families.  Having gone through the same “fun” of entertaining our children for hours on end while trying to create some limits on screen time - we saw My Puffin as a wonderful way to help.

We got to work to source only the most kid friendly materials and create the most playful design and voila, My Puffin was born (so to speak). We are always open to feedback and if we are fortunate enough that you have decided to purchase My Puffin – we thank you.

In Play,

Deb and Sperry