The Quest for the “Right Shape” Triangle

The Quest for the “Right Shape” Triangle

By Sperry Bilyea

I never was big on geometry at school.  There were times at school when I would ask myself, “Will I ever use this in life?”. Geometry was one of those subjects. Lo and behold – I am using geometry every day with the My Puffin design process!

There are many play couches out there and it’s hard to sort out the differences between them.

The first difference I would like to share is the design of our triangle which we call the Stander. We made our triangles right-angle triangles. This is unlike most of the triangles out there which are equilaterals. There are many reasons why we went with the right-angle triangle it even has its own cool formula to find the length of one of the sides called the Pythagorean Theorem. Remember that from geometry class??

Why a right-angle makes more design sense for your play couch.

Couch Fundamentals

  1. Back to the Wall (in a good way)

If you think ‘normal’ couch fundamentals, the back cushion support is flat at the back. This allows the couch to be right against the wall. The same goes for My Puffin play couch. You can lean our triangles against a wall and be fully supported while you are snuggling reading a book, playing a game with a friend, or running a car down its ramp.

  1. Proper Angle for Comfortability

The ideal lounging angle is 135 degrees which is another reason we decided on the Stander triangle design. In this article, researchers from the University of Alberta concluded that 135 degrees is the ideal angle for best biomechanical sitting position. My Puffin is perfect place to lounge and relax on! 

  1. Proper structure for Stability

Our right-angle Standers can be put back-to-back against each other in multiple ways for great stability, fort building, and slide making.  The triangles provide structure and strength to the builds. Two of them placed next to each other make an entirely different shape, a square! This is not possible with equilateral triangles.

Little touches for Design Aesthetics

One more additional detail we made to our right-angle triangle is the 2-inch flat top. This adds to the cost and complexity of sewing, but we feel it is important for aesthetics. My Puffin looks like a modern couch more than random geometrical shaped foam. Our Standers look great, provide better stability, and can turn into a table for little ones. We are proud of our couch design.


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