Sometimes the Best Things Come in Smaller Packages

Sometimes the Best Things Come in Smaller Packages

By Sperry Bilyea

My Puffin’s dimensions are a little different than all the rest of the play couches out there and here’s why.

Hint: it involves the environment and building up kids’ self esteem. This is probably not what you expected to hear! Read on to find out why My Puffin is looking at the big picture. 

Most of our competitors copied the Nugget play couch and did not innovate further. The typical play couch measures 33 by 66 inches and includes two isosceles triangles. We knew we could do better, so when Deb and I sat down to design My Puffin we took a different route. 

These are our reasons:

1. Less Waste

Standard upholstery fabric rolls are 55 inches wide. If you have a 33 inch pattern (plus seam allowance) you end up with an additional 2 yards of waste because the couch pattern cannot go all the way across and leave room for the triangles on the sides. This waste was not acceptable to us. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it ultimately costs the consumer. We redesigned our pattern several times until we landed on our current size and shape (30 x 60 inches with right angle triangles). We have near zero waste when we cut the pattern and we were even able to have room to minimize seams. This makes for a more professional look and it also means less stress points on the couch where seams could rip. We know there is a lot of jumping and wear and tear on these play couches so we built ours to last!

2. Better Fit for Small Kids

We found the My Puffin size allows for a little more sturdiness in building and also it’s much less awkward to move around for builds. This is the self esteem part for kids. We want kids to be able to play independently and not have to rely on mom and dad to create all the forts. We tested Nugget size couches (and even built two samples in this size) but we found little ones could not properly move the couch pieces. This created frustration and sometimes tears! We didn’t want that. My Puffin's size still works for larger kids and adults who want it in their work or home spaces. We think we found the perfect size couch. 

I wrote an entire blog about our right angle triangle shape and you can find it here.

3. Smaller Spaces

We wanted everyone to have the option to own a play couch. Space is at a premium in many busy households so we made My Puffin the optimum size for fort building while not too large to completely dominate a room. My Puffin is as comfortable as the centre piece in a play room, or tucked in a corner of a living room. 

4. Canadian Made

We are dedicated to making your My Puffin in Canada. This includes materials and labor. In order to keep our pricing competitive, and limit the waste, we have been able to make our premium play couch 100% in Canada. That's something to be proud of! Our size has helped with keeping shipping costs to a minimum because we all know sending anything within Canada is expensive. We want to reach every inch of Canada! So far we have reached seven of Canada's provinces and territories. Where are you Manitoba, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, PEI, and New Brunswick? Let's get some more play couches across Canada. 

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