My Puffin play couch details

Small Things Add Up to one Amazing Play Couch!

By: Sperry Bilyea

Small things can make all the difference in the world when it comes to good product design. 

We have looked at all the big and small things to make My Puffin better. Here are a few:

Our Stander (triangle) shape – Our triangle is a right angle with a flat 2-inch top so you can lean the triangle easily against the wall.  We also think the 2-inch flat top makes our play couch a stylish piece of furniture and less like a geometric foam shapes covered in fabric. My Puffin moves from playroom to living room with style and ease.  

Our My Puffin Pattern – It is no secret from anyone that knows me that I failed home economics class so the fact that I have spent the last 6 years in textile manufacturing makes me smile. One key design feature is the way we designed our pattern. Our seams are minimized because we want kids to feel free to play the way the couch is meant to be played with and we want parents not to worry that their My Puffin will withstand the wear and tear. Less seems means less points of resistance.

My Puffin Convenience – We are busy moms. When I change out the bed sheets, I cannot stand putting on a tight pillowcase. How about you? We know there are going to be accidents with spills, so we wanted to make the cushions easy on and off for our busy moms out there. We put a zipper around the entire bottom of the cushions so the covers can be easily taken off for washing or a quick spot removal.

Our Zipper Pocket – Our zippers are durable so they can withstand years of rough play. We have minimized potential accidents with My Puffin and built a little pocket for the zipper to protect our young adventurers from scratches. You can see this cute little pocket on all our Standers.   

It really is the small things that add up to one kick-butt play couch. We want your My Puffin to last for years and we have built it that way.

Now that you know some of the features of our design you may want to read about why it’s important to encourage imaginative play. Hint: My Puffin encourages imaginative play and that builds resilience in children!



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