My Puffin Tuff – Mission to Support Pretend Play and Imagination in Daycares

My Puffin Tuff – Mission to Support Pretend Play and Imagination in Daycares

By Sperry Bilyea

“Circle time” conjures an image of children sitting close together, cross-legged, on a brightly colored rug as a teacher guides them through the day’s routines, singing, clapping, and laughing. This seemingly harmless practice, like so many others, has been complicated by the pandemic. We know that most of the daycare and school classrooms have been stripped of anything soft due to the new pandemic requirements. And we want to do something about this!

Over the last few months, Deb and I have been working on a number of products that support daycare and classroom spaces. We found the right material that is a game-changer. The new product is My Puffin Tuff. 

This new super-strong, durable, anti-microbial, wipeable, water-resistant vegan leather (i.e. high-end commercial vinyl) is perfect for putting back a little comfort into the play spaces. 

Here is why every daycare and classroom can use My Puffin Tuff

1. Cleaning
Childcare professionals are used to cleaning up spills, sticky substances, and all sorts of germs in their workplaces. But with COVID-19, these cleaning and sanitation routines now happen more frequently. My Puffin Tuff is easy to wipe off with soap and water or any commercial cleaner. Even using bleach is possible with this material. This vinyl is commercial grade so it can be sanitized to meet all guidelines.
2. Dramatic Play 
Dramatic play is a critical element of learning and development for young children, particularly to help their imagination and creativity. This type of play often involves costumes and acting out characters, careers, or important figures. 
Educators say this is one of the least pandemic-friendly activities they were doing before COVID-19 since it involved soft surfaces and fabrics that can’t easily be sprayed or wiped clean. As a result, they’ve put the dress-up clothes away for now. However, pretend interactive play, when kids use their own ideas from their lives as inspiration, can still happen with the right environment. 
With My Puffin Tuff, kids can forgo the costumes, but can still build and create forts, castles, boats, and magic carpets that support the imagination muscle. 
3. Adaptability in Kids  
Kids at the preschool age are amazingly adaptable. Their brains are like sponges and they are open to learning and change. Adaptability is one of the key traits to executive functioning and to be successful in life. The pandemic is teaching our kids a great deal!  
Between their families’ schedules, different school structure, and parents being home things have changed in their world. The general pace of families has slowed down and this suits kids perfectly. Most kids just want to have time together with their families. Introducing different toys, such as a play couch, will help them adapt to the new way of doing things and offer new ways to explore this changing world. 
4. Outside Time 
We know by spring everyone is itching to get outside and feel the heat of the sun. Playing outside is one of the safest places for caregivers and children to be. My Puffin Tuff is built to be used inside or out. My Puffin Tuff is extremely durable, and is able to be safely used outdoors. 

We hope our new My Puffin Tuff play couches finds their way into many daycares and classrooms. If you have your favorite daycare or school please send us a message and we would be happy to reach out to them



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