My Puffin is made in Ontario Canada

Making Imagination and Playtime Endless - Featured on Ontario Made Website

History of My Puffin 

Born during the pandemic, My Puffin was created in October of 2020. Founders, Deborah Brooks and Sperry Bilyea caught wind of the play couch trend and knew they had to bring it to Canadian parents.

Brooks and Bilyea are both lifelong entrepreneurs who met through a Toronto-based mom’s group and quickly became close friends. Sixteen years after meeting, they started My Puffin and within 6 weeks they were selling play couches. “It was an incredibly fast start for us because we both came from business backgrounds with lots of entrepreneurial experience,” said Deborah. “Our skills as founders are very complimentary so we work well together.”

Increasing Imaginative Play

A play couch is a modular piece of furniture designed to be pulled apart and used for fort building, mountain climbing, obstacle courses or whatever the child’s mind conceives. With a little creativity, My Puffin can be made into a boat, a rocket ship, or a race car.

“The focus of My Puffin is to increase active play and imagination,” said Brooks. “Imaginative play has so many benefits for a child and our goal is to reduce screen time, by just a little, while increasing the imaginative muscle.”

Safe and Active Play Indoors

With the pandemic, My Puffin has been shipping their product to parents across Canada who are looking for safe indoor activities for their kids.

My Puffin is designed for kids aged three to twelve years, but they have numerous customers with teenagers. “Our play couch is firm enough to support fort building, but soft enough for teens or adults to sit comfortably,” said Brooks.

What Sets My Puffin Apart

There are a few choices of play couches on the market, but My Puffin stands out for several reasons. My Puffin is made 100% in Ontario from locally sourced products. “It was important for us to build our play couches in Canada. We source all materials locally and manufacture in Mississauga, Ontario,” said Brooks.

Not only is My Puffin made from locally sourced products, high quality chenille fabric is used. This means that not only is the play couch attractive, but it is also durable. My Puffin will look brand new for years and will not show wear even with kids jumping, pulling and sliding on it.

You can read the full blog here on Ontario Made website 


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