How Charlie’s Angels Made Me a Better Mom

How Charlie’s Angels Made Me a Better Mom

By Deborah Brooks

The Charlie’s Angels were central to my childhood. I was one of four girls who roamed the neighbourhood with the aliases Kelly, Sabrina, Jill, and Kris. These were the days when you were outside all day and came home when the lights turned on. We spent hours in the field across from our street tracking down criminals and solving the toughest mysteries. I even carried a notebook to keep track of our adventures--yes, I was organized even back then!

My friendships formed while playing imaginative games have stood the test of time and made us better moms and productive humans. Research supports this. The American Academy of Pediatrics lists benefits of imaginative play as self-regulation, language development, executive function, emotional intelligence, and social skills. Sounds good and who wouldn’t want these skills for their child? 

What you can do today to enhance the development of your children:

  1. Let your kids play on their own (with or without other children).
  2. Take away electronics for given periods of time.
  3. Provide an environment that fosters imaginative and open-ended play.
  4. Start imaginative games with your kids. Some kids will need guidance on how to make-believe.
  5. Ask them open-ended questions to start an imaginative game - Where do you want to go? Who is with you? What is the problem you are solving? What animals are with us? 
  6. Have fun and be patient as your child develops the imaginative muscle. It can take time.

So where are my childhood friends today? The Charlie's Angels gang are still friends (we have a zoom call planned this weekend). Today the mysteries we are solving and the crimes we are fighting are now more about who left their dirty dishes in the sink, or who didn’t put away their clothes. However, the skills we built and the fun we had made for a great childhood and set the stage for successful lives. Thanks Angels – you know who you are, and I will forever be grateful for the memories.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of imaginative play, read my previous blog: How to Build Resilience in Kids.


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