Ditch Your Toy Box?!

Ditch Your Toy Box?!

By Deborah Brooks 

The best advice I received about my playroom was to get rid of my toy box! You heard it--no one should have a big toy box that becomes a dumping ground for toys. This was one of the many tips from my talk with Connie Huson, playroom consultant and former kindergarten teacher. You can listen to my discussion by clicking on the image below.


Connie recommends, after ditching your large toy box, storing toys in both open shelving and small containers. These types of storage will keep you organized and create an environment that your kids will love and want to spend time in. 

Open shelves are attractive and offer easy access for your kids to grab toys. Clean-up also becomes easy with open shelving. Don’t underestimate the importance of kids learning how to clean up. Experienced mom here and I can attest that making clean-up time a breeze will reward you tenfold! 

Small container storage is essential for toys that are not practical in open shelves such as Lego or anything with small parts. Small containers allow parents and kids to take out one toy at a time and focus on it. Nothing gets lost and everything has its place. The combination of open shelving and small containers is really the key to an organized playroom.

So if you are not yet convinced to get rid of your large toy box consider the following:

  • Small toys tend to fall to the bottom of a large toy box and are mixed with other “junk toys”
  • Toys get broken when they are tossed into a large bin
  • You can never find anything in a large toy box because it becomes a dumping ground

The goal of a playroom is to create a safe space for your kids to play. You want to have an open welcoming space, encourage creativity, and keep it clean and organized. The best way to start is to get rid of the toy box. Following that, find storage containers (open shelving and small containers), and then start sorting your toys. 

If you want more tips about playrooms and the essentials that every playroom needs, listen to my conversation with Connie linked above^^

Happy sorting!

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