My Puffin is designed for differently wired kids

Designed for Differently Wired Kids

By Sperry Bilyea 

My Puffin was designed with differently wired kids in mind. Our materials (soft chenille fabrics or soft smooth vinyl), hidden zippers (for safety), and low odor foam all provide the perfect environment for kids who need a safe active place to play or a quiet retreat. My Puffin is perfect for unstructured play and helps children develop gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and self-regulation.  

I want to share my top 3 reasons why our customers are loving My Puffin: 

Creating a Quiet Haven--My Puffin was designed so a child can easily build a sturdy quiet haven, a fort, or a quiet reading nook that provides a protective, safe, and calming environment. 

Gross Motor Workout--The size of our play couch allows any child to crawl, jump, and climb over the physical shapes. Kids learn to balance and improve coordination while moving large lightweight shapes to build their creations. Do not underestimate the energy it takes to move around a play couch. Kids burn energy while building confidence knowing that they can do it on their own! 

Inclusive Big Body Play--A toy that’s appropriate or beneficial for a child on the spectrum is one that enables the child to engage in play with their family, friends, and peers. My Puffin play couch is an activity the whole family can participate in either with building or cuddling up with a story. 

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