Criteria to Look for When Buying a Play Couch

Criteria to Look for When Buying a Play Couch

By Sperry Bilyea

What criteria do you use when you buy a couch or chair for your home? We recommend using some of same criteria for your play couch. The bonus is that play couch shopping is definitely more fun!

Evaluate the upholstery – The standard measure to use for fabric durability is called wyzenbeek. In the industry, the standard wyzenbeek rating is 15,000 for upholstery like fabrics. My Puffin’s wyzenbeek rating is 125,000 impressions! That is impressive and that means our fabric will stand up to any amount of rough play. The key here is that not just any type of fabric should be used for play couches. The fabric needs to have a proper backing plus you want it to have the ability to wash and sponge off spills. Our fabric pile adds to the softness of the fabric and it does not mark with use like many micro-suedes. 

If you are interested in how they measure wyzenbeek here is a video that shows a testing machine.

Ask about the Joinery – Our couch patterns are professionally cut using a Zund Swiss Cutting System so every My Puffin cushion is cut with precision. Our sewers have tremendous experience, so each My Puffin is made with care. From the double stitched zippers, to the way we connect the bottom cushions—every detail is taken care of. Our webbing that connects the Lander (top) and Anchor (bottom) are double stitched so they can easily be carried by the handle without fear of tearing. 

Feel the Padding – We know our foam has the perfect balance between firmness and weight. Our Anchor and Standers are 1.4 lb/3ft with 41 ILD, and our Lander is 1.8 lb/3ft with 36 ILD. The first numbers (1.4 and 1.8) are the foam density. The higher the number the better-quality foam, however there is a trade-off that is very important to understand. The higher the number the heavier the foam and this can cause a problem in a play couch. For an adult couch a denser and heavier foam is a good thing, but in a play couch this is not always the case. The next numbers, 41 and 36, are the ILD or Indentation Load Deflection. This is an indication of the foam’s softness. The higher the number the softer the foam but softer foam means less air in the foam, so again we are dealing with increased weight. Who wants a fort with a sagging roof? Or pieces that are too heavy for young children to carry? It's really about finding a balance between firmness, quality, and weight. My Puffin’s foam is comfortable for sitting yet not too heavy for our little engineers to build with.

Ease of Use – Our zippers are on three sides so it’s easy to take the covers on and off for washing. The zippers have a pocket to tuck in the zipper puller. This protects little fingers, toes, and knees from getting scratched. And let’s be honest, a hidden zipper is more attractive! Finally, our handles are made with a high-quality nylon. The same nylon material attaches the Anchor and Lander. It has reinforced stitching so you can move the couch effortlessly without fear of ripping the fabric.

Read more about all the small details in My Puffin’s play couch. 


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