Canadian Play Couches Galore

Canadian Play Couches Galore

@beingthismama recently wrote about the Canadian options for play couches. We are so happy to be included with other great Canadian play couches! There are a lot of options out there, but not all play couches are made equal.  

Make sure to look for these factors:

- Where is it made? My Puffin is 100% Canadian. This means we can control the safety and the contents of our couch. It also means we employ Canadians and are helping the economy! 

- What is the fabric? My Puffin uses high quality upholstery fabric that is a beautiful chenille. It stands up to rough play and still looks great! 

- What is the quality of the foam? My Puffin has found the perfect combination of comfort, firmness, and weight. Not all foam is made equal. Buyer beware.

There is lots to consider, and you can find more information on buying criteria in this blog here

Article from @beingthismama can be found here





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